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Originally released in 2002, Street Legal brought new & insanely ambitious ideas to the racing genre, and set the groundwork for it’s famous 2003 sequel, Street Legal Racing: Redline!

Strip your ride down to the bare chassis by directly clicking the parts inside the 3D garage, and rebuild it into a MEAN RACING MACHINE!!!
Take it out on the open streets of old Valo City and make your way up the ranks of the local racing clubs in challenging point-to-point races, unlocking new cars, engine types, and city districts along the way!

However, becoming #1 is not as simple as bringing skill at the wheel!
NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, and every part of the cars is individually simulated, contributing to their balance, compliance, aero, torque curve, gear ratios, and much more, all the way down to details like safe engine RPM, and even the power of the starter motor!


Fundamentally simulation, featuring a dash of high-grip arcade fun, all with satisfying sense of mass!
Whether on a keyboard or high-end FFB wheel, the players love it!

Swap wheels, shocks, springs and sways, to balance for understeer or oversteer using real-world suspension design principles!
Choose parts suited for Valo’s jumps & curbs, protecting your oil pan & transmission, go low for style, or even remove them entirely and see what happens!


20 years after release, Street Legal still features some of the most advanced engine simulation ever seen in a game!

No pre-determined torque curves!
Power is calculated on-the-fly using real engine attributes like cylinder bore, stroke, compression, valve & spark timings, airflow rate, fuel mixture, and more!
The attributes will change depending on parts installed and their mechanical condition.
For example, a worn cylinder head will be given looser valve timings to simulate valve spring damage, leading to reduced power at high RPM.

Make your way from getting the most out of your little Inline 4 to building supercharged racing V8s, and screaming along at 10K RPM using Street Legal’s insane work-of-art N/A V10!


Street Legal’s dynamic permanent damage system affects individual parts according to point of impact, and it’s not just visual!
Light bodywork dents will only increase aero drag, while bigger impacts can bend the entire chassis, affecting suspension geometry, and causing serious damage to the parts attached!

Keep the RPM in check to balance engine longevity and outright speed during races!

Running gear parts will individually lose effectiveness over time, according to loads experienced during your driving!
For example, a course with many right-hand turns will wear out the left-hand tyres first.

Harsh driving will wear your suspension, braking will wither, paint will scratch, bumpers will dent, bend, and be lost!
Intakes will clog, engines & drive will fail!

…and keep ’em running! For NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

Welcome to STREET LEGAL!


  • 16 detailed vehicles, ranging from economy cars to V8 muscle and exotic V10 supercars.
  • Over 1000 unique parts to buy, swap, damage and repair.
  • Advanced vehicle physics and performance simulation, based on real-world component parameters.
  • Deep part damage & wear simulation, covering everything from engine internals to brakes, tyres, and brutal body & frame deformation.
  • 2-8 hour career mode with high replay value.
  • Put your creation on the line, and feel every scratch, dent, and heavy landing as you thread the machine through heavy traffic at terrifying speeds to claim well-earned victory!
  • Large and varied city to unlock as you progress – from Suburbs to the Big City and the hilly maze of the Commercial area, and more!
  • Dynamic race path generator, for endless variety, and a real test of your wits.
  • Watch your moves! The police are always ready to get involved!
  • Damage & traffic density settings for a tailored challenge.
  • Free-hand vehicle painter, with drag ‘n’ drop support for using your images as in-game decals.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop support for your custom music.


  • Total game engine upgrade, now compatible with many existing mods created for the sequel!
  • Ton of logic, performance, stability and mapping fixes – doubling of framerate is common!
  • Subtle visual fixes & improvements, with respect for the original art style.
  • Calmly cruise or push the limits on the quiet streets of the city at night.
  • Meet a variety of talkative personalities walking the streets of Valo City!
  • Smarter opponent & police AI.
  • Greatly improved Painter.
  • New cheats for convenience & fun: Universal engine swaps, fast disassembly, race navigation assist, part mover, lightweight traffic, and more!
  • Quality-of-life improvements for EVERY part of the game! Scroll through Inventory and the re-organized Catalog, RMB-drag the Race Setup map, use optional hotkeys for almost everything, navigate garage menus without loading screens, keep a vast library of saves, and much, MUCH more!
  • Choose between the original or REVised visuals, among MANY other settings, including adjustable FOV, input filtering, extended view range, extra inventory slots, quick-hiding loading screens, and much more!
  • Support for modern display resolutions, variety of aspect ratios, and windowed mode.
  • Improved engine, aero and running gear simulation.
  • H-shifter support.
  • New perspective: Walk around not only the part shops in first-person, but now also the garages as you work on the car, and the city streets!
    Leave the driver’s seat to admire your wreck on foot, lean and relatch the hood, stretch, crouch, do a push-up, get back up & get back in, close the door, perhaps adjust your seat, and DRIVE ON!
  • Fully reworked adjustable first-person driving camera.
  • Few additional vehicle parts.
  • Endgame gameplay additions.
  • Steam Achievements, Cloud & Workshop.
  • Global photo mode and camera rail/action cam editor.
  • Built to be modded! Now featuring an advanced in-game developer console, and other debug features for modders.
  • Ultimately, still the same game you remember! Same career, same cars, same maps, sights, sounds, and unforgiving challenge, now with years of additional polish!

Title: Street Legal 1: REVision

Genre: Racing, Simulation


Invictus Games Ltd., ImageCode


Activision Value Inc.


Street Legal

Release Date: 28 Jul, 2023

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP or newer
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ Duo T2050 (1.6GHz) or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 32 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0b
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Slowest configuration tested. SSD recommended!

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Street Legal 1: REVision Free Download About This Game Originally released in 2002, Street Legal brought new & insanely ambitious ideas to the racing genre, and set the groundwork for it’s famous 2003 sequel, Street Legal Racing: Redline! Strip your ride down to the bare chassis by directly clicking the parts inside the 3D garage,…